Bust Out The Bubbly: Champagne-Themed Wedding Invitations, Party Invites, & More!

By Dana LaRue, Published Mar 9, 2012

Once you're engaged, you have an ongoing excuse to bust out the toasting flutes.There's your actual engagement, your toasting-heavy engagement party, any random weekend of happy coupledom, a mimosa-filled bridal shower, your boozy bachelorette party, your rockin' rehearsal dinner, and of course, the main event! Champagne waterfalls, anyone?!

If you and your fiance are really prioritizing the wedding booze, what better way to let your guests know that this is going to an EPIC (yet tasteful) celebration to remember than with a champagne-themed party or wedding invite? We've rounded up a few of our bubbliest faves. Bottoms up...

Which one of these chic invitations makes you just a little tipsy...with adoration? Are you splurging on booze for your big day? Let us know in the comments!

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