Cabo San Lucas: A Perfect Destination Wedding Location

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 4, 2011

Cabo San Lucas is Mexico's pride and joy, and I just returned home from this tropical paradise.

I got some much needed R&R, and checked out all the best spots for a destination wedding (or honeymooning) bride and groom. I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself... wouldn't (fill in the blank) be perfect for the (rehearsal dinner), (ceremony), (reception), etc. if a couple had their destination wedding here in Cabo? If you haven't been to Cabo, you might be wondering why it's such a fabulous location for a destination wedding. Here are the top 3 reasons why Cabo San Lucas is destination wedding-worthy...
  • 360 days of sun
  • Cabo averages 360 days of sunshine each year, meaning you can bet on picture perfect weather for your wedding day.
  • Safe as can be
  • According to locals, Cabo is really the only safe place in Mexico right now. The drug wars have ushered in a new era of violence in Mexico, but Cabo San Lucas has been untouched.
  • Idyllic setting
  • Cabo offers the best of all worlds, with pristine beaches, desert cacti and crystal clear nighttime skies. The sunsets are beyond incredible, and the stars shine so bright it's as if you could reach up and grab them.
Later this week, I'll be sharing more photos and experiences from my Cabo trip, plus the ultimate guide to a Cabo San Lucas destination wedding. But until then, share your experiences with Cabo San Lucas in the comment section below. Orale!!!

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