Countdown Checklists: 10 Months 'Til I Do

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

It’s time to get tasty. Have you started thinking about who will cater your reception? As always, this should start with a talk with your groom. If he’s been assuming caviar and champagne while you’re craving barbecue and lemonade served in mason jars, it’s better to find that out now. Once you’ve got your vision set, search for caterers in your area here. The ratings from your fellow brides can help you find the one who suits you best. You can also check out our Top Ten Tips for a Good Working Relationship with Your Caterer. Once you’ve narrowed things down, it’s time for a tasting – a delicious little preview of your reception. Before you settle on your final menu, remember to do one last check for dietary restrictions on the guest list. You don’t have to have a special meal for your cousin who just got back from a Tibetan retreat and only drinks yak milk, but it’s usually considered sporting to make sure that the vegetarians in your life don’t starve. This month’s stress-buster: Food fight! …Or if that’s a little messy, have a marshmallow war instead. Get friends on opposite sides of the room and then go ahead and start whipping marshmallows at each other – anyone who gets hit in a vital area is out. Extra bonus points for taking a bag to work and lobbing marshmallows into other people’s office cubes.

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