Countdown Checklists: 14 Months 'Til I Do

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Face it: you’re gifted. Registering for gifts can be a whole lot of fun. It can also be delicate, so proceed with a spirit of fun and just a touch of caution. Too many options can overwhelm your guests, so choose two or three stores, and only register for things you and your groom really want. Make sure to have a range of prices, too – at least a few things for your loved ones with modest budgets, and a few for the relatives who may want to spoil you. You don’t have to stick to kitchenware and candlesticks, though. If your friends and family know the two of you love to camp or paint together, they’ll have fun helping you get geared up. This month’s stress-buster: Give yourself the gift of music. When’s the last time you let yourself just listen to music for a couple of hours – without catching up on work, getting a little cleaning done, or working out while you did it? Take a little time to rediscover your favorites and just listen.

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