Countdown Checklists: 15 Months 'Til I Do

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Doing your guests a favor Wedding favors are a nice addition to your wedding reception… but they’re also a very new tradition, so don’t stress about it if they’re not your thing. Wedding favors should either be 1) portable, fun, and personal or 2) edible. Edible is pretty self-explanatory, and will always make your guests happy. Personal, fun, and portable is trickier. Specially printed matchbooks technically count, but they aren’t really you unless everyone knows how much you and your groom love cigars or arson. Think about what you do love and then do a little internetting – you’d be surprised at what you can get personalized. Balsa wood airplanes, miniature footballs, and birdcalls can all be yours… and can all make your reception very lively, so deploy them with caution. This month’s stress-buster: Bring your pals over for a so-bad-it’s-good movie festival. You can go old-school with 50’s monster movies, or try a few choice modern classics like Showgirls. Liven up the action by hitting a toy store and getting some ping-pong ball guns to fire at the screen.

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