Countdown Checklists: 16 Months 'Til I Do

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Your one chance to dress your best friend like Bo Peep Yes, it’s time to talk bridesmaids dresses. If you’ve already started looking, you know that there’s only one sure way to get a dress that all of your bridesmaids like: Only have one bridesmaid. Otherwise, different body types and skin tones can make for some tricky sailing. You can solve a lot of problems by giving your bridesmaids a look that is visually unified but not perfectly matched. For example, you can choose a dress with a basic A-line that’s flattering on most figures, and have each bridesmaid choose a color from within a set palette. Or you can pick the fabric and color, but let each bridesmaid get her own dress made. If you give your attendants the same piece of jewelry as a bridesmaid’s gift, you will help unify their look and have very cheerful bridesmaids. This month’s stress-buster: Go to and send your lovely bridesmaids a few choice looks. Tell them they’re in the “serious consideration” pile.

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