Countdown Checklists: 18 Months 'Til I Do

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

A wedding dress for planetary success One more thing to love about modern times: You don’t have to choose between being eco-friendly and looking gorgeous. Earth-friendly fabrics like bamboo and hemp-silk blends not only look beautiful, they feel luxurious. A vintage dress is another great option for looking fabulous – and being a resourceful bride without using up resources. You can enjoy the classic look of yesteryear, or talk to one of the many designers and dressmakers who specialize in remaking vintage dresses to suit your unique modern style. Of course, if you’re a woman who’s just got to have a dress that’s all her own, we’ve got plenty of drooling material over here. (If you’re feeling a twinge, you can have that new dress without a stitch of guilt. You can still help out Mother Earth by donating your dress when the wedding is over. Brides Against Breast Cancer is a great cause, and you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that your gorgeous gown is helping a sister bride when you’re done.) This month’s stress-buster: While you’re thinking about the beauty of things past, why not have a classic cocktail night? Grab a couple of measuring cups (one ounce and one and a half ounces are all you really need), a shaker, and some fresh fruit for garnishes and introduce your friends to the world of sidecars, highballs, and Singapore slings.

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