Couple braves an East Coast snowstorm to tie the knot

By News, Published Dec 28, 2009

Many a bride has spent months planning out the details of her fairy-tale wedding. On the morning of the big day, everything from the meal served at the reception to the wedding flowers waiting to be carried down the aisle should be perfectly in place.

Unfortunately for Stephanie Sudzina, the winter storm that raged over the East Coast last weekend threatened to ruin the perfect day that she had spent nearly two years planning, according to

The news source reports that Sudzina and her groom, Australian building designer Anthony Campanale, were terrified that the heavy blanket of snow would force them to cancel their long-awaited ceremony – and it nearly did.

"We got desperate calls from a number of our vendors, asking if we were still going forward with the wedding," Sudzina told the website. "We said, 'Yes! Yes! People have come from all over the world for us!'"

The couple was resourceful and arranged for a bus to transport their guests from the church to a new reception location, ordered last-minute wedding flowers from a nearby florist, located musicians and arranged for the wedding cake to be transported to the new reception site at the Ritz-Carlton ballroom.

Despite all of the problems caused by the storm, the couple told the news source that their wedding was all they had hoped for. Being able to roll with the punches when obstacles arise will make it easier for brides to solve problems that arise before the ceremony.

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