Couple weds at Texas' Corpus Christi International Airport

By News, Published Dec 23, 2009

Some business people claim that their life is spent in an airport. But that's not always a bad thing. Toledo natives Robyn Moore and William
Acosta met in Texas while Acosta was traveling for business. The travel spot holds some very fond memories for the pair, and now they can add their wedding to the list of meaningful moments they've shared at the gate.

Moore told that she and Acosta "spent half our relationship in airports." So, in honor of their courtship, Moore surprised her fiancé at Corpus Christi International Airport when he was arriving home from a trip – decked out in a strapless wedding dress.

The couple married on the spot, with the surprised Acosta wearing a sweater and jeans for the ceremony, the news source reports.

Destination weddings are always fun, and we especially love when couples choose creative spots that are meaningful to their relationship.

The newlyweds have obtained a marriage license and made their union official, but the bride might still plan a more traditional ceremony for later in the year.

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