Custom Initials Leave a Mark on Your Wedding

By Vane Broussard, Published Mar 19, 2012

Etsy is just full of great vendors for your wedding, and many of them aren't even necessarily FOR your wedding, which makes them even MORE interesting in my eyes!

Edie's Lab is one of those shops....they create large scale initials that would be great for displaying at your wedding ceremony or reception, and then eventually to show off in your home.  I love that they have a variety of fonts and colors to choose from, whether you're a modernist like me, or going for more of a vintage feel.  Better yet, they are made from eco-friendly materials, and most are under $50 so it's not going to break your wedding budget!  Pair them with an ampersand for a typographic punch!

Do you like the idea of incorporating initials into your wedding decor? If not, how do you hope to leave your mark?

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