Cynthia Nixon talks wedding planning

By News, Published May 19, 2009

Cynthia Nixon, best-known for playing high-powered lawyer Miranda on Sex and the City, is getting ready to take a real-life trip down the aisle.

At a gay rights rally over the weekend, the actress flashed a sparkly engagement ring and announced she and partner Christine Marinoni want to tie the knot sometime soon - but said the rest of their wedding planning has not been finalized.

"We don't have a wedding date. I think we would like to be married by the end of next summer 2010," she told E! News.

Nixon also said their ideal location is - where else? - New York City. However, the couple is waiting to see if same-sex marriage becomes legal in the state before making a decision.

"We're not going to wait forever, but we're hoping it's just around the corner," the 43-year-old said.

The pair, who have been dating since 2003, reportedly met at an education rally and got together after Nixon split up with her longtime boyfriend Danny Mozes.

On Sex and the City, when Miranda married Steve she eschewed a traditional white wedding dress because of its associations with virginity, telling a shopkeeper, "I have a child - the jig is up." Wonder what Nixon will choose to wear on her big day?

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