Do a Little (Wedding) Dance…

By, Published Oct 9, 2012

Brideys, even if you and your now husband are not big dancers, if you want your guests to dance and be part of the celebration at your wedding, then you must get your asses on the floor. It's as simple as that! Especially if you are choosing to nix the formalities, like a first dance, father/daughter, mother/son, hora or whatever other dances that encourage your guests to even LOOK at the band or DJ. Because if you think about it, the traditional formalities at a wedding are what entice your guests onto the floor (before the liquid courage kicks in and gives them that much needed push...).

The reason I am writing about this is because I survived a particularly grueling wedding this weekend. Seriously, the bride was straight out evil (you can read all about it on Bitchless Bride). And one of the many issues she harped upon was that nobody was dancing, and "how the could the DJ allow this to happen?" Huh? The DJ? Really? The DJ is considered among the best in the industry, and the music was freaking fantastic... Seriously. This dude was sporting two turntables and a microphone (with a laptop of course!), and the only thing missing were the ravers and some ecstasy!! Just kidding! But, you know what I mean...

So after the urge to punch her in her perfectly glossed mouth subsided (I had several moments like this throughout the evening), I simply replied by saying, "Bridey, you and groomy need to get on the dance floor if you want your guests to dance." And before she had the opportunity to think of some snarky response, I interrupted the groom and told him to take his lovely bride onto the dance floor.

I mean, if YOU don't feel like dancing at your wedding, then don't expect anybody else to feel like dancing at your wedding. Because your guests are going to pretty much follow your lead. So if you're leading them towards the bar or the dessert table, getting stuck in "deep" conversation and neglecting the music, then so is everybody else. Got it?

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