Do you make your bridesmaids wear a “uniform”?

By Chandra Fredrick, Published Jan 4, 2012

mix match bridesmaids dresses

And no, I don’t mean like a baseball uniform or a military uniform, I mean the exact same uniform look for each bridesmaid.  Are they told to wear the same dress, the same accessories, the same hairstyle?  Or do you give them a little leeway in the individuality department?  Remember ladies, your bridesmaids are your best friends (or are supposed to be).  Don’t make them look bad or take away any chance they have of looking a bit like themselves at your wedding.

1.  Same Dress Color, Different Styles

Personally, I chose a bridesmaid dress by Lela Rose with my bridesmaids that came in 3 different styles (halter, one shoulder, and two straps) and told them to choose whichever style they thought looked best on them.  Ironically, they all chose the same one!  But they did wear whatever shoe, jewelry, and hair style they wanted.  And they looked fab!

2.  Same Dress Style, Different Shades

If you do want them to all wear the same gown, how about choosing different styles or shades?  Or if you want them exactly the same, why not let them to wear whatever shoes they like (If you are afraid this will get out of hand, specify any nude shoe, or any black shoe, or any closed toe shoe in the blue color family, etc).  Or let them wear their hair however they want.

3.  Bridesmaid choice of dress in different shades

4.  Bridesmaid choice of dress in different colors

But my favorite bridesmaid look is to be completely mismatched!  Let your girls wear a dress of their choice in the same color family, or in your palette of colors.  As long as the dress isn’t completely inappropriate, it will look great, your bridesmaid will appreciate being able to choose (or possible wear something she already has or will actually wear again), and it makes for a really cool look!  Plus, everyone is really looking at you, right?

So, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Do you like your bridesmaids to be uniform or are you going for a mismatched look?

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