Does Being Married Make You Richer?

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 28, 2009

Happy Monday! There was an interesting article in Time last week about the financial benefits of marriage. You’ve probably heard the saying “two can live as cheaply as one.” That’s still true, but apparently it’s no longer true that married people are a lot better off than single people. There are a lot of statistics, which I won’t quote, because frankly, they confuse me, but it used to be that married people were able to retain more money than single people. That’s just not true anymore, mainly because single women, even single moms, are more capable of supporting themselves than they used to be. Although, on average, children are still financially better off in two-person homes. It got me wondering, how much does the idea of being more financially secure contribute to people’s desire to get married? I’m not talking about gold-diggers, or people looking for someone to support them. I’m just wondering if normal, working men and women think about the financial benefits of getting married before deciding to take the plunge. Did you?

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