Don’t Be a Wedding Video Wrecker

By admin, Published Oct 3, 2013

Before the domination of smart phones and social networks, the task of being a top-notch wedding guest was fairly straightforward. RSVP, show up on time, purchase a gift, and don't drink the open bar dry. Easy, right?

Not so much anymore! In this technology-driven, uber social world that we live in, there's a whole new set of rules for wedding guest etiquette. Just take a read of our 13 Do's and Don'ts and 10 Commandments for guests.

Our 6th commandment? Honor the couple and PAY ATTENTION at the ceremony. No sports streaming, tweeting or chatting. We thought it would be wise to revisit and elaborate on this crucial golden rule after watching (with slight horror) the video below...

Shelling out for a great wedding videographer is an investment, an investment that allows the couple to relive their wedding day years down the road. And newlyweds that forgo the videographer tend to regret this decision (as their special day flies by in a flash).

But imagine if you buck up for the wedding video, just to have it ruined by an overzealous guest trying to play professional photographer for the day (I.e. the lady circling the couple like prey during the ceremony in the video above).

Does the mere thought make your blood boil? Then we recommend setting some ground rules with guests ahead of time! Enter, the unplugged wedding ceremony...

To help you and your soon-to-be protect your photography and videography investments, and avoid business like this...

In addition to a sign stating the unplugged status of your ceremony, you may also want to include a gentle reminder on your wedding programs (just to be safe)!

Then once the ceremony has ended, it's time to plug things back in and let guests go wild with their smart phones and photo sharing!

Make sure to provide a special wedding hashtag so the photos your guests capture are right on your radar! And consider using TweetDeck or HootSuite to set up a custom stream before the big day, to pull in all the shares that include your hashtag.

So brideys, what do you think?

Will you consider an unplugged wedding ceremony? How will you ensure your guests don't interfere with the professionals you hire? Sound off below!

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