Engagement Ring Dilemma: Should You Buy Your Own?

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 5, 2010

Recently I was looking at a wedding site and a reader wrote in with a question. She wanted her boyfriend to use her grandmother's ring as an engagement ring. She was having trouble figuring out how to give him the ring to give back to her. The whole question confused me. I think she should just wear her grandmother's ring as her ring and have her boyfriend provide an engagement ring. To me, the symbolism of an engagement ring is that someone is offering you a ring as a gift. It could be the woman giving a ring to the man, or the man giving a ring to the woman, but giving yourself an engagement ring seems weird. What do you think? Would you provide your own engagement ring? What is the purpose of an engagement ring in today's marriages? Helpful Links Beautiful Engagement Rings OneWed's Wedding Advice Column More Info on Engagement Rings

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