Ever After Wedding Market: All About Pearls

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 2, 2009

About Ever After Wedding Market Our merchants work with a wide variety of quality materials, including many different types of pearls. They select the best size, color or shape to achieve the design they have in mind. Here are a few of the types of pearls you may encounter while shopping the selection of jewelry in our market. Natural Pearls are formed by a mollusk (oyster) as defense against an irritant. The mollusk secretes calcium carbonate and conchiolin until the irritant is covered. The size, shape and quality of the resulting pearl determines how much it is worth. Perfectly round natural pearls are comparatively rare. Cultured Pearls are formed the same way, except that the irritant is intentionally placed by a pearl farmer to start the process. It can take several years for the pearl to grow. Keshi Pearls are a byproduct of the cultured pearl process. They are formed when the mollusk rejects the implanted irritant before a pearl is completed, resulting in several smaller pearls of irregular shape. For more information on caring for your pearl jewelry, please read Spirit of Elegance’s informative blog post!

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