Fantastic Fabrics You Wouldn’t Have Thought Of For Your Gown

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Jan 10, 2014

Want to add a little twist of chic to your wedding day look? Get adventurous in the material department and stand out from the crowd! Finding a gown with unconventional fabrics is a great way to define your bridal style with a dress that is uniquely you. How do you know when you have found a novelty fabric in this market that seems to be absolutely saturated with swoon-worthy stuff?  All I can say is you'll know it once you see it because you aren't going to find it anywhere else. It screams originality! Here are a few inspirations from designers and artists working with novelty materials that I love:

A World of Cottons

Not every bride wants the formality of silk on her wedding day, and there are quite a few designers offering cotton options such as eyelet and Dotted Swiss in their spring/summer collections. High quality cottons like these have always been a stylish choice for summer and garden weddings and I personal adore them!

The Wool Wedding Dress

I've always loved the wool wedding dress concept. Ordinarily when we think wool we zone in on coats and suits for winter. But in fact, these weaves drape beautifully and are excellent choices for the bride who wants a more modern feel for her wedding gown. The wool dress is also an excellent choice if you're considering re-wearing after the wedding and it isn't just for winter - you can wear it in spring and summer quite comfortably!

Knitted, Crocheted and Macremed

These fabulous materials can run the gamut from 'art to wear', to folksy, and even to haute couture wedding gowns. Crocheted dresses have been a personal fave of mine for years, (my closet is proof!) and I'm sure you will love these as well! 

What fabric will you choose for your wedding day? Comment below and let us know your favorites!

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