Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Father of the Bride

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

I love my dad, but I hate trying to come up with gifts for him. There are only so many books, gadgets, and t-shirts I can buy him over the years. Every year, I desperately look for themes to try and inspire me. You though, you’re lucky, you have your theme, your wedding. How does your wedding tie in to your father’s day gift? Well, here are some ideas: 1) A photo album of pictures of the two of you, or just one nice one framed (this may be difficult if your dad is the family photographer). 2) A gift certificate for a shave, the day of your wedding. 3) His tie for your wedding day (don’t forget to include a cute note about all the tacky ties he so proudly wore when you were a child, and how pleased you are to be able to give him something a little nicer now). 4) A CD featuring your father/daughter dance song 5) An invitation, or tickets, to anything he enjoys (golfing, fishing, baseball game), the key is, that you, not your brother or groom, will be joining him. What will you be giving your dad this year?

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