Featured Bridal Session: Lisa and Spencer

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 13, 2009

Featured Wedding by Jessica Feely of Jessica Feely Photography The session with Lisa and Spencer took place in South Seattle, and then we finished off at Discovery Park. We wanted to do something fun to incorporate some of her wedding colors, so she brought the perfect polka dotted boots and red balloons! After having some fun in the urban areas, we headed up to the Discovery Park to get some sweet romantic shots. The lighting was gorgeous, Lisa and Spencer were gorgeous and the surroundings just added to the beauty. We really did have a fun time, we laughed a lot and it was sometimes hard to stay serious! We had a couple helpers there to help with her poofy wedding dress (getting it in and out of the car, walking to locations, etc.) and Lisa and Spencer kept cracking up because their friends behind the camera kept making them laugh. The mood was perfect and their personalities came out really well in the pictures. I loved working with them because they were very easy going, let me take control but still knew what they wanted and were just fun to be with!

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