Featured Maryland Wedding: Morgan and Joe

By Azure Nelson, Published Jun 17, 2010

Featured Wedding by Megan Brittingham Photography Morgan and Joe's wedding was one of the most creative weddings I've ever been to! Everything was made by hand (including the wedding cake and the birdcage centerpieces), so this was truly a DIY wedding! Morgan came prepared with hot glue, needle and thread to finish the last minute DIY projects with the help of her bridesmaids. The wedding ceremony venue was absolutely stunning, complete with an elegant built-in pond filled with lush lily pads. When the vows were complete, the ceremony ended with a symbolic white dove release. Towards the end of the wedding reception, guests retreated back to where the ceremony was held. Earlier in the day, Joe and Morgan's father got in on the DIY fun, hanging lights that changed color, transforming the white Chinese lanterns (at the wedding ceremony) to vibrant lanterns in every color of the rainbow. And since we're in the DIY state of mind, I found this amazing DIY chandelier idea that I've been dying to share with you! Believe it or not, this gorgeous cascading creation is made from white 4-inch doilies! I love it in white, but you could use gold or silver doilies to add some metallic pizazz to your wedding. First you'll make the doily garland... 1. Fold each 4-inch doily in half twice. 2. Open each folded doily, and pinch and scrunch it a bit in the center; you'll want to achieve a ruffled, flower-like look. 3. Thread doily flowers onto white yarn (using a needle); you'll want each strand to be 12 to 16 inches long. And you'll want lots of strands so that your chandelier does not look bare! Now it's time to assemble! You will need two wreath rings, one 12-inch and one 24-inch... 1. Tie doily strands to both the large and small wreath form. 2. Hang the chandelier with pretty ribbon, hanging the smaller wreath ring lower than the larger one. Your fabulous waterfall chandelier can then be secured to the ceiling with push pins or adhesive hooks, and you are done! I can't wait to try my hand at creating this chandelier! Anyone else going to give it a go!?

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