Featured Newfoundland Wedding: Cheryl and Justin

By Azure Nelson, Published Apr 8, 2010

Featured Newfoundland Wedding by Buffy Goodman Photography DAY 1: THE CEREMONY Cheryl, Justin and their friends travelled across Canada for their incredibly unique wedding on the remote Island of Bar Haven, Newfoundland. No one has been married on this island in 50 years - all that is left of the church is a few stones from the foundation in the long grass. Justin and Cheryl chose the spot where the church used to be for their wedding ceremony - you can see the stones in the grass. This particular island is special because Justin's father was born here. No one lives on Bar Haven anymore permanently as it's very remote- there is a fishing dock, and a few cottages. Many of Justin and Cheryl's friends flew down for the wedding, and the summer residents rounded out the guest list, and assembled to watch the ceremony. It was cold, misty, rainy and absolutely beautiful! The vibe and look of the wedding was inspired by some old photos from Bar Haven in the 1950s- school boys in long white knee socks! Cheryl was stunning in a lace v-neck wedding dress, vintage-inspired birdcage veil and finger waves, and sassy red bridal heels. The groomsmen took fishing boats out to the island, all staying true to the area's heritage and history. It was an amazing, totally unique and unforgettable experience. DAY 2: THE RECEPTION The next day, Cheryl and Justin got all dressed up again for their wedding reception, Justin's parents' backyard serving as the venue. All of their friends and family got together to build the dance floor on the lawn (Newfoundlanders LOVE to dance!) filled a dory (fishing boat) with ice and beverages, and decorated the yard beautifully. Everyone danced and sang well into the night! Another amazing day!

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