Featured Spring Wedding: Meredith and Eddie

By Azure Nelson, Published Mar 11, 2010

Featured Wedding by Jessica Miller Photography This was a May wedding full of sunshine (and if you know Ohio weather, you'll know this couple was lucky and blessed!). The ceremony took place outdoors at the North Courtyard Gardens of the Center of Science and Industry in the heart of downtown Columbus. With a full city backdrop, gorgeous wedding flowers and a couple as lovely and genuinely amazing as Meredith and Eddie, it was sure to be a day to remember. Meredith is one of those people who brings the sunshine with her, so it's no surprise it was a perfect day for her. I couldn't believe that this incredible wedding was created without the help of Columbus' most expensive top tier wedding vendors! Rather, it was a completely collaborative effort between family, friends and loved ones. And while one might think that would make the day more stressful, it actually made for an extremely relaxed and joyful experience. The reception was at a local tavern, Park Street Tavern, that agreed to shut their doors and house the wedding party for the evening. Not only was it a refreshingly unexpected reception location, but it also provided for a more down-to-earth and intimate environment for a celebration.

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