Featured Wedding: Beth and Will

By Azure Nelson, Published Feb 18, 2010

Featured Wedding by Tiger Lily Photography Beth and Will were a great couple to work with. She was always smiling and laughing, and their love for one another was undeniable! They had planned for an outdoor ceremony at their wedding venue, Bolingbrook Country Club, but it had to be moved indoors due to the weather. It really didn’t seem to bother them (I have seen otherwise!)- they remained very upbeat and determined to have a beautiful day. They agreed to see each other prior to the ceremony. Some couples still like to maintain the traditional approach and not see each other until the ceremony. Too often the day goes by so quickly and the bride and groom get swept off after the ceremony you don’t get the opportunity to be really creative with them. I was thrilled to have this extra time with them in order to create more fun photos together. We set up a "reveal" moment and I think this can be just as special as seeing each other at the ceremony. And check out this fun wedding fusion video slide show we created for the lovely bride and groom! Helpful Links: Find Wedding Photographers

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