Featured Wedding: Neil and Chloe

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 29, 2009

Featured Wedding by Jon & Nic of S6 Photography, Sheffield, UK The location of Neil and Chloe's big day was so amazing- a church ceremony followed by the reception at a local cricket club in the sleepy village of Dumbleton (in the Cotswold, England). The weather had been rubbish all week and then Saturday came and it was one of the nicest days of the year (we don't have many in the UK!). Neil and the boys had a pint in the village pub on the morning of the wedding as Chloe & the girls got ready at Chloe's parents house, which was 100 yards for the Church. Neil and Chloe wanted their day to involve as many people as possible, so Neil's mum made the stunning wedding cake, one of their friends from the village did all the flowers for the wedding, and another one of their friends owned and drove the Bentley which was their wedding car. Neil & Chloe are so genuine and relaxed about everything, so on the wedding day they pretty much just went with the flow - which for us, always makes for the best photographs!

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