Featured Wedding(s): Same Venue, Two Very Different Weddings!

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Featured Wedding by Tim Brown of TAB Photographic Being a wedding photographer that shoots across the country is a great thing for Tim Brown of TAB Photographic. Having two weddings in his home state of Connecticut, on two back to back weekends, at the same location (being Elizabeth Park located in Hartford) was a nice change of pace. At the same time, that's when the questions began about how to make two weddings at the same location tell two separate stories, the stories of each individual couple... In reality it wasn't a hard thing to do at all because other than the location and the beautiful weather, there really wasn't anything similar... For Suzi and Wayne- taking a relaxed feel to their day with the green converse and an early Sunday morning ceremony- followed by brunch was the perfect fit. Followed up by a rockin' after party at their house near the park. For Stacey and Miles (Miles hails from New Zealand) - their awesome day started out at the Ethal Walker School in Simsbury for the ceremony, heading over to Elizabeth park for the reception. There weren't green converse walking around but a great day nonetheless! So as you can see, same location, same beautiful weather but... from the rings to the attire to the cakes, each couple’s day tells a very different story.

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