Finding the Perfect Tux for Your Dapper Groom

By admin, Published Dec 12, 2012

Want to help your groom look his best when it's time to say I Do? Of course the answer is yes! And we've got just the thing to ensure his wedding day look is dapper, and not a dud!

Here are the basics...

A Classic Tux, Defined - A suit of black or midnight-blue wool with a lapel of satin or grosgrain, the collar preferably peaked to distinguish it from the notch style favored for business wear.

White NOT Black - For the shirt your groom wears beneath his perfect tux.

Shoulder Fit - Should hug your groom's natural shoulder shape.

Pants Length - Should barely graze your groom's shiny shoes, NOT appear to puddle on top of them.

High Armhole - Although he'll have to sacrifice a tad of mobility, a high armhole on the tux jacket flatters the groom's physique.

Off the Cuff - A quarter to half inch of the groom's tuxedo shirt cuffs should peek out from beneath his jacket.

One Cuff is Enough - When it comes to cuffed tuxedo pants, just say no! The hem of your groom's pants should end with a modest break, and not a chunky cuff.

So now that we've got that out of the way, let's look at some winning groom looks that put a stylish spin on tradition.

A Pop of Color... We attended a Black Tie wedding in Milwaukee recently, and couldn't stop talking about one of the guest's tuxedos. It was a deep midnight blue with black accents (similar to the Brioni style above), and it would be oh so elegant for a fall or winter wedding!

Luxurious Texture... Although the wine-hued tux above delivers a major pop of color, it also brings a luxe touch of texture to the table. And you've got to love that! But if an all-on velvet tux jacket is a bit much for your style-shy groom, one with minimal velvet trim is a fabulous alternative. Or, he can pair a classic tux with a smart velvet bow tie!

And now... onto the accessories!

Below are a handful of bow ties (and one classic necktie) we absolutely adore for your groom's white aisle walk...

Stylish Bow Ties and Neck Ties for Grooms

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So lovely brideys, what do you think? Ready to give your groom a little style lesson on dressing for the wedding? Sound off below!

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