Finding Your Bridal Style

By Amy-Jo Tatum, Published Oct 21, 2013

Every year or so I do a post on Finding Your Bride Style—guidelines to help you out if you're still going through a dilemma about deciding on The Dress. A few thoughts on this if I may.

While living and breathing all the changes happening in bridal fashion through my clients, it wasn't until I actually got down to researching this year's post that I realized how much wedding couture has been transformed.

These days it's you out there and not the industry paving the way—thanks to real weddings features on blogs showing how you rocked your wedding day, your way.

Inspired by this, companies like Anthropologie have brought out awesome lines like BHLDN encapsulating all that today's bride is. And while some brides have opted to leave the white dress and high collars behind, there's something every bride still wants to know before zeroing in on the dress.

What's my bride style?

If you're still not sure how to answer this question, imagine your everyday wardrobe in finer fabrics and better-fitted silhouettes.

Your venue will have a lot to do with what your bride style is as well as time of year: Are you tying the knot in a big hotel in Boston in mid-December or doing a spring country picnic?

Below are some starting points and oh so lovely pictures to help you along…


If you're planning a beach, country wedding on a farm or nups in the woods, take a look at some of the bohemian inspirations reminiscent of the 1960’s. Gowns perfect for this genre and ideal for these venues are in form-fitting silhouettes and floaty diaphanous fabrics topped off with floral crowns and ivy wreaths. Flowers dappled in the hair—another Boho fave…


Perfect look for a winter wedding as the cold weather tends to amp up a little sophistication synonymous with urban chic via furs, hats, gloves and any other accessories you'll be wearing to keep toasty warm. Summer weddings in the big city however have their own special élan you can see.


If you happen to be ahead of the curve in all else, being a bride won't stop you from loving those novel and unusual fabrics you swoon over. The place you choose to marry could be anywhere, but an art galley filled with abstract expressionism or an old warehouse transformed into a celebration space would be the perfect backdrop…

Still unsure about what your perfect wedding dress looks like? Try blending styles if you like. Mixing it up gives your overall look a certain individuality. Maybe you're a little bit outside the box and Boho all at the same time. Realize whatever combo you fancy, your options for finding just the right look are many!

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