Five Fun, Yet Affordable, Wedding Guest Favors

By Azure Nelson, Published Mar 16, 2011

Special to OneWed by Gabi Gesch from When I think of a good wedding favor, I think of something that is practical. I have been to a few weddings where I received favors that were cute, but afterwards sat around my house and were eventually donated or thrown out. Favors are a way to show your guests that you appreciate their gifts, their time, and most importantly their presence at your wedding. The price of wedding favors, like everything else in a wedding, can add up very quickly. Here are five wedding favor ideas to keep in mind for your big day. Sunglasses This is a pretty simple idea, but its fun! Ordering sunglasses in bulk is relatively inexpensive and you can personalize them with the date of your wedding, the bride and grooms name or with a simple image like hearts. I designed one for fun and just added LOVE 2011 on it. It is a cute idea imagining everyone wearing these at my wedding, and with the price tag of around $200 for 150, I think it might actually happen. Personalized lollipops Personalized candy is often used because it’s easy, decorative and delicious. I like the idea of candy because it won’t end up cluttering your guest’s home after the wedding and everyone can enjoy it. These particular pops I found caught my eye because the personalization process was straightforward and the price was reasonable – 150 pops for about $155. Wedding CDs Creating a wedding CD to give to your wedding guests is a fantastic way to show appreciation. Whether it’s a collection of favorite songs between the bride and groom or if it’s a mix of great love songs, this is a favor your guests can enjoy long after the wedding is over. Being that it is a homemade wedding favor, it will take some time to do, but it is an inexpensive option compared to other favor ideas. Mason Jar Love Cookie My grandma used to give out jars with the cookie ingredients already in them and I think this would be a great wedding favor. Find your favorite cookie recipe and fill jars with the dry ingredients to give to your guests. You can decorate the jars with personalized stickers, tie on ribbons or attach a card with the ingredients. Emmaline Bride has a fabulous DIY how to that you must check out, and you can see the finished product in the photo (top left) above. Although this may take time to put together, creating these favors would be a fun activity to do with your bridesmaids, family and friends. The amount of ingredients depends on the number of guests you are having and you can find sites online to purchase mason jars in bulk. One site I found had 150 12oz mason jars for less than $150. Deal! Donate to Your Favorite Charity Sometimes the best way to show appreciation to your guests is by showing appreciation to the life we have. Donating to your favorite charity in honor of your guests may not be a traditional wedding favor, but it is definitely a strong statement. It is a great way to bring light to something that is important to you and may inspire others to do the same. When deciding on what charity to donate to, always be sure to double check with the Better Business Bureau and try and contact the charity directly if possible. If you have more fun and affordable wedding favor ideas please share them with us!

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