Five Tips for Creating a Wedding Album

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 12, 2010

Special to OneWed from wedding photographer Jonathon Smith on behalf of Blurb. 1. Remember the detail shots Don’t forget the detail shots for your wedding book. Think about things like the bouquet, something borrowed something blue, the back of the wedding dress, the rings, etc. These might be that last photographs that you would consider as most of the pictures in your book will have people in them. The detail shots will make your album so much richer and will really personalise it.   2. Sequence to tell your wedding story When I shoot a wedding, I cover the entire day, from getting ready with the bride to the last dance on the dance floor. You want your wedding book to reflect the story of your wedding day. Sequencing your pictures will allow you to do this. I find that working chronologically is a very good way to work: getting ready shots, pre-ceremony, ceremony, formal shots, reception, etc. I like to create visual breaks between these chapters of the day. This is a perfect way to add in your detail shots.   3. Mix color and black and white shots Personally, I love to mix classic black and white images with beautiful color shots, even creating sequences with both color and black and white. Mixing color and black and white will make your album more dynamic and will give it a fresh, contemporary feel.   4. Be Bold Don’t be afraid to mix up the design of your album. I find that being really bold with design choices can really pay off. If you have one shot that you absolutely love then there is no reason why it can’t fill a full page or for that matter a double page spread. Equally, putting one small image on a page will also have a strong look to it.  This will draw the viewer closer to the picture, creating an intimacy with the image. The key is to think of the rhythm of the design. Don’t put all the large images at the start and leave all the small ones to the end. Try and mix them to create an interesting flow.   5. Create a separate parents album Remember that this is YOUR wedding book, to cherish for a lifetime. Try to fill it with the pictures that are really special to you. Don’t get sidetracked into thinking you have to please everyone. The great thing is you can easily design smaller books for other members of the family or wedding party, which you can customize for their individual tastes and fill with pictures that will make everyone happy.

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