Free Bridal Flip Flops, Anyone?

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

Did you get your free pair of J*Flops bridal flip flops yesterday? Savvy Scooper Courtney F. did! Maybe you missed my post on these fabulously fun bridal flops. Or saw the post, but weren't really paying attention... or didn't make it to the end? If so, you missed your chance to win a pair of customized bridal flops on the house! For the rest of our readers, how does 20% off your entire J*Flops order sound? Use coupon code JFlopsSavvy at checkout after you've picked the perfect flops for yourself, your bridesmaids, and your flower girl, and save big. To browse J*Flops' Bridal Line and get to shopping, click HERE! *Psst... Keep your eyes peeled for future hidden giveaways. I may just have a few more tricks (and must-have items to give away) up my sleeve!

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