From the Engagement to the Honeymoon—What Means Most to Your Groom

By, Published Feb 1, 2012

Special to OneWed by Kara Horner,

While every groom is different (just like their brides, naturally), the majority of guys seem to get excited when they’re able to inject a bit of their own personality into the festivities and leave their mark on the big day.

For example, if he’s a huge baseball fan, consider ways to incorporate his love for his favorite team into your wedding. Consider having a groom’s cake made that bears his team logo or mascot, holding your reception at a venue that overlooks the stadium, or giving his groomsmen (and fellow baseball fans) personalized bats as gifts for their participation in your wedding day. Most guys will love an excuse to mix sports with the wedding plans.

Does he take serious pride in his roots? To showcase his favorite city, for example, consider a wedding theme that plays this up. If his hometown is known for a certain type of food, such as barbeque, for example, think about offering some of the most popular local specialties at your reception as a nod to his upbringing. Or consider adding his favorite drink to the menu as your signature cocktail to make him feel special.

If he lives for man’s best friend (AKA, his dog), find a way for Fido to partake in your special day. If he’s well-mannered, consider having him tote your rings (or fakes, if that makes you too nervous) down the aisle as your ring bearer. If that’s not an option, have some engagement photos taken of the two of you along with his pet that can be tastefully showcased during the reception.

Whatever you decide, make sure that the wedding is a blend of what’s important to each of you to create a truly memorable day that you’ll both talk about for years to come.

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