Games at the Wedding Provide Entertainment for Everyone

By Dana LaRue, Published Oct 10, 2012

While you and your new hubz might be down for cuttin' some serious rug, not all your guests may have moves like Jagger. Or maybe you're the one who's got two left feet and aren't down with being a blushing bride due to your clumsiness. So how are you going to keep the fun times going? 

How about setting up some games! Not only can they be fun for all ages, provide awesome entertainment, and make you feel like a kid again, but they can provide a super radtastic opportunity for candid photos and are pretty cheap. Winning, all around!

Bocce ball and croquet are usually some pretty classic picks. 

How about tug of war??? You could do bride's side versus groom's side, or friends versus family, or siblings versus siblings. 

Cornhole! Such a fun game. You could set up multiple sets and have a cornhole-off! A whole buncha games at one time... a tournament! 

Games are a great way for people to socialize as well, easing the pressure of simply mingling while milling about. It gets people talking, laughing and having a great time all around.

Are you going to have games at your wedding? What ones are you going to set up to get the fun going? Sound off below!

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