Get Chic Bridesmaids! With White by Vera Wang

By admin, Published Jan 20, 2012

In a few short years, the bridesmaid dress industry has been turned on its head. Just five years ago, shopping for bridesmaids' dresses was a daunting task; limited options, huge markups, and dresses that were... to be frank... hideous (for the most part). This was all fine and dandy for brides who feared their b-maids would steal the show, as choosing a blah bridesmaid gown that fit like a potato sack would secure the bride's spotlight for the day. But all this would change in 2009, as brides-to-be started craving chic options (and more variety) for their 'maids.

Case in point—the White by Vera Wang bridesmaid line. These dresses are stylish, elegant, unique, totally swoon-worthy and​ affordable! The colors are divine (especially the chartreuse and charcoal, above and below), and the silhouettes, and how they fit, do Vera Wang proud.

Check out the new 2012 bridesmaids' dresses from White by Vera Wang and let us know what you think! Would you choose one of these frocks for your b-maids? If so, which one?

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