Getting your groom ready for the big day

By News, Published Feb 28, 2011

Most ladies spend months - and sometimes years! - preparing for their own wedding day look. From picking out the perfect gown to testing out dozens of hairstyles, it seems as though a bride-to-be's work is never done.

According to, ladies shouldn't forget about another important facet of the big day - helping their hubby-to-be look just as dazzling. The truth is that sometimes our guys need help getting prepared to appear camera-ready.

"A well-groomed groom is also an important wedding day must," the news source reports. "He should be well-shaven and have recently had a haircut. If he has facial hair, it should be trimmed and neat."

Girls may want to take the time to make sure their main squeeze is doing all he can to primp and prepare. Have him get a manicure a few days before the main event and ask if he's penciled in a haircut about two to three weeks prior. If he doesn't mind, tag along when he schedules his tuxedo fitting and get a gander at his overall appearance.

It may seem like micromanaging, but this may be the one day you're allowed to take charge!

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