Go Green With Your Wedding Photography!

By Azure Nelson, Published Jan 13, 2010

Special to OneWed by Kerry Brooks Photography Becoming “Eco-Green” and environmentally friendly is a priority that all of us should consider as a responsibility. Even if you don't believe in global warming, it does not make economic, environmental or even plain-old common sense to do things inefficiently and ineffectively. Many couples are doing their part by planning an eco-chic wedding! One of the things that couples might consider is finding an Eco-Friendly Photographer. While digital photography is inherently green, there are many more options to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding photography. Having your proofs in an online gallery does away with the need for the paper and chemicals that are produced in the printing process. Also, green-friendly wedding albums are now available. While preserving the look of traditional albums, these books are produced with recycled, chemical free paper. The covers are made from sustainable resources or from by products that would otherwise be wasted in a landfill. The photos are printed with special water based inks, called Giclee prints. These are premium, archival prints and last longer than most standard prints. You can also request your wedding images in digital format instead of paper prints. These can be delivered through email or in other paper free means. At Kerry Brooks Photography, we offer an Eco-Green Wedding Package that provides a green alternative without sacrificing style or quality. The package includes our signature Green-Book™, an Earth-friendly wedding album with a custom layout of images. Wedding proofs are hosted in an online gallery that does away with the need of costly paper proofs. All of your wedding images are provided in digital format and delivered on a personalized, environmentally-friendly USB Thumb Drive, complete with a print release so you can print only what you need. Finally, we use recycled and reusable packaging material to deliver final orders to our eco-chic couples! Other wedding photographers have green options, too! Caroline Ghetes Photography (a destination wedding photographer based in Charlotte, NC) shares with potential clients why and how they are going green. And Anne Ruthmann Photography offers a Totally Green Wedding Photography Collection that "essentially eliminates all possibility of waste." It's great to see other wedding photographers doing their part to keep our environment healthy and beautiful! What other eco-friendly wedding photographers have you heard of? And is this something that's a priority to you and your hubby-to-be? Disclosure: Kerry Brooks Photography is one of our wonderful paid advertisers!

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