Groom Your Groom

By Azure Nelson, Published Sep 10, 2009

It goes without saying that I think my husband is a handsome and talented man (although, I’ve found it helps to say it, frequently). But, there is one thing he’s not very good at, and that he was even worse at before we got married. It’s a little hard to discuss. It’s personal. OK, I’ll just spit it out: He’s not very good at shaving. Now that we’ve been married for a little while, I’ve found some things to help him. Chief among them, products from The Art of Shaving. They may seem expensive if your guy is used to buying stuff at the drug store, but it’s well worth it and if you think of all you spend on lotions and make-up, it’s actually a bargain. Still, a few months before our wedding I had a nightmare vision of my groom passing out from blood loss due to nervous shaving cuts. Then, it hit me. I was getting my hair and make-up done before the wedding, why not send him for a pre-wedding treat? I sent him and his best man for a shave and a manicure. We’re in Chicago, so I chose Truefitt and Hill. But many fancy and less fancy barber shops offer the same service. If your guy has a favorite place, call them up and ask if they offer a “hot lather shave.” (practice saying it a few times first, so you don’t get the giggles when you call ). Or, type it into a search engine with your city name. A couple more tips: 1. Don’t tell your guy that he has a grooming problem. Present this as a relaxing treat, something you thought he might enjoy (actually, this is a good tip to remember throughout married life, remember even your hottie will someday have that old man ear hair). 2. Get him a gift certificate to try it out a few months BEFORE the wedding. The same way that you wouldn’t want to meet your hairstylist a few hours before your wedding, he doesn’t want to meet a guy who is going to hold a large knife to his neck. So, I’m curious, does anyone else out there have a guy with a grooming issue they hate? Anyone else planning some pre-wedding pampering for the groom?

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