Helping Your Groom Get More Involved

By Azure Nelson, Published Oct 28, 2009

Yesterday we asked about the groom’s role in wedding planning. A lot of grooms aren’t as involved as they’d like to be because none of the normal wedding stuff is written for them. If you think your guy would like to be more involved, or you want him to be more involved consider directing him to one of these sites. The Man Registry Best if your groom is ... Paul Rudd. Very cute, very sweet, but also a guy’s guy. The Man Registry wants your groom to be the best groom he can be, and that’s a good thing. The Plunge Best if your groom is ... John Cusack. Sarcastic as hell, but the more you get to know him, the more you realize that he’s a closet romantic, and actually strangely attractive. I Am Staggered Best if your grom is ... Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Half the time you have no idea what the hell he’s saying, and if you did, you’d probably be offended, but you kind of like him anyway. OK, as long as I’ve gone down this road, you try it. Which actors are you and your groom the most like?

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