Here’s How NOT to Get Engaged

By, Published Jul 3, 2012

So, I keep hearing about people getting engaged with an audience present, and by audience I mean the families of both the bride and groom. Seriously? What the F? Is this the new way people are getting engaged? REALLY?

I'm sorry if this is the way your man proposed, but I think it's just wrong and frankly it's just the beginning of you, bridey, losing sight of what this thing called "marriage" is all about. I'm gonna yell it... Ready? YOU DON'T NEED TO BE SURROUNDED BY YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY THE MOMENT YOU GET ENGAGED!

Right? Why? WHY do you want to have them there during an incredible and incredibly personal moment of your life when your man is down on one knee? This is not the Bachelor, okay? We don't need to make a spectacle out of your engagement because it is, and should be, about the two of you. Not who showed up to see it all go down.

Now, I know you're like, "What the f Bitchless, I'm not the one who proposed. I didn't put this whole thing in motion, my fiancé did." And here's what I am going to say to that... YES YOU DID. Somewhere between being "on call" for his proposal and dressing up for every nice dinner thinking that tonight will be the night, you mentioned how amazeballs it would be if BOTH your families were there to witness the big moment. Because then... you wouldn't have to call like 1,000 people 'cause they'd all be there. Oh my God... (Read that last line in your best valley girl voice).

I know I'm being a bit more nasty than usual, but I just find this so incredibly annoying that I can hardly contain myself. How did we get like this? CALL your family afterwards, because trust me you are going to be so caught up in the moment that you will truly just want some alone time... And by alone time, I mean ENGAGED sex. Cause it's awesome...

So, it's time for mama to quit holding your hand so tight. Let go, and enjoy your engagement (JUST THE TWO OF YOU). Got it?

What do you think of the new wave of public proposals? Did your soon-to-be pop the question in front of your friends & family? Would you want him to? Dish it below!

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