Hiring a Wedding Videographer

By Joanna Banks-Morgan, Published Sep 10, 2009

You've grown up with your mom or dad recording every birthday party, dance recital, and softball game with the family camcorder. Now you’re getting married. Why wouldn't you want a professional to document the most important day of your life? From the rush of preparations to the deep emotion of the ceremony to the excitement of the reception, a skilled videographer can capture it all. Like your choice of photographer, your choice of videographer is a matter of personal style and taste. Do you want your video to have an emotional impact? Do you want the tone to be romantic or edgy? Do you want the camera crew to be by your side capturing every conversation, or do you want them to be unobtrusive? A good rule of thumb is to find a videographer with a similar style to your photographer. That way they rarely get in one another’s way, since they are looking for similar moments. Once you’ve identified the style you would like, it’s time to start looking for a videographer who fits your needs. As with any vendor, the best way to begin is by reading reviews on OneWed.com and asking family and friends for recommendations First and foremost, you should ask any videographer that you are seriously considering to provide you with a sample video for the type of package you are considering. Be sure that your sample is an entire wedding video from start to finish. Any editor can piece together three-minute highlights from a wedding day and make them look good, but it takes a real filmmaker to tell your story and sustain the energy throughout an entire wedding film. By viewing an entire wedding, you'll get a clear idea of what your finished product might actually look like. Second, evaluate the videographer’s technical expertise. Are the shots smooth and well composed? Is the picture quality and clarity good? Is the natural audio clear? What types of transitions, special effects, and graphics does her or she utilize? Third, be sure your videographer’s personality will mesh well with your own. He or she will be with you all day and will interact with your family, bridal party, guests, and other vendors, so look for someone who is tactful and friendly. Find out how her or she conducts guest interviews. Ask how he or she approaches other vendors to establish a mutually beneficial working environment. (By asking this question, you’re finding out if your videographer “plays well with others”. Finally, keep in mind that a wedding video is for your future. After the wedding is over, many couples consider their videographer among their most important hires. When all the toasts are given and the dances are done, the your wedding video will help you relive the most important moments of your wedding day. Find out more about Joanna Banks-Morgan of Diva Productions https://www.onewed.com/vendor/1044990

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