Honeymooning in the Dominican Republic!

By OneWed, Published Oct 23, 2009

Special to OneWed by Marie O'Mara of Honeymoons.com This week I'm blogging “honeymoons” ON location from the Dominican Republic at the Tortuga Bay Resort located at the Punta Cana Resort & Club. "Tis’ the wedding season", and honeymooners are on the move. Although we are not here honeymooning, we are surrounded by couples that are. And they are hard NOT to miss, dressed in "on our honeymoon" t-shirts, "bride and groom" t-shirts, and that honeymoon smile that says it all. Couples are also here celebrating weddings, anniversaries and like us, birthdays. We are here for a 40th birthday party and the resort feels alive with guests both from our event, as well as a destination wedding. We arrived yesterday and as we stepped off the plane onto the tarmac, we were greeted by a representative from the Punta Cana Resort, who then whisked us through the line at customs and out the door of the airport. This is a great service provided by the hotel, considering we were on our way to the resort, in an air-conditioned car, within 4 minutes of getting off the plane. Although our plane had not even fully de-boarded, we were somehow pulling out of the airport! We avoided lines at immigration, customs & the line for purchasing your tourist card. Let’s just say the resort had our attention. A short, as in “five” minute short, drive to the hotel and we were greeted and escorted to our room. We were sitting on our terrace looking at the ocean less then 30 minutes from the plane landing. Our room is beachfront, spacious and clean. We have an amazing view from our room of the ocean and of our own little beach. The hotel, which is very large and is part of a huge multiple hotel complex, calms your fears of feeling lost in this enormous location, by giving your own golf cart & “in house” mobile phone to keep you connected. I think it goes without saying that the golf cart has quickly become my favorite part of this vacation. We quickly changed and hopped in our golf cart to find our group for a welcome party, which clearly gave everyone an idea of the fun filled weekend we are in store for. Following this amazing evening, we found ourselves laughing as our group, all in carts, began racing each other through the resort back to our rooms. It was the perfect start to an amazing event-filled weekend and I can’t help but find myself thinking how perfect this resort would be for a destination wedding! Check back next Friday for Part 2 of my adventures at the Tortuga Bay Resort!

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