Honeymooning in the Dominican Republic!- Part Two

By OneWed, Published Nov 6, 2009

Special to OneWed by Marie O'Mara of Honeymoons.com Last I left off I had just arrived in the Dominican Republic for a 40th birthday party. Our room at Tortuga Bay, in the Punta Cana Resort was oceanfront with what felt like our very own beach. As someone who grew up at the shore, I can tell you that there is something about waking up to the sound of the ocean that starts your day off on the right foot. The beach, with powder white sand and teal water, was more than inviting... it was extremely warm & relaxing. And, what was even more relaxing was that there was no pressure to do anything but unwind each day! There was plenty to do and nothing to do; it was all up to you. In addition to the golf course, beach activities & pool activities there was also the Sixth Sense Spa where you could go for various treatments, or even request the hotel to arrange transportation for the great shopping nearby. What I found most amazing about the property, aside from the VIP airport service, was that although the property was 100% sold out, there was never that race for a pool or beach chair to reserve your spot. There was always something available and somehow, whether you chose the beach or the pool you had options of being part of the party or to be as relaxed and peaceful as you wanted. There was a place for everyone. To make things that much better, the service was great and there was never a time where I had to wait for a drink or couldn’t find someone. I was thrilled to arrive home each night to our tub filled with hot water and candles lit throughout the bathroom; it was memorable and much needed after a night of drinking and dancing. Our evenings were full of the activities that our host provided, including beach parties and dinners, followed by the Saturday night grand bash where guests were shuttled to a spot on the beach where over 800 guests came to celebrate with the birthday boy. Our host even went as far as to book “The Whalers” as lead entertainment, along with several bands from Latin America and DJs from Paris and other parts of the world. Now, there is of course no replacing Bob Marley, but “The Whalers” still sounded great and the new lead singer did ol’ Bob proud playing the great old reggae songs we know and love. Don’t get me wrong- Tortuga Bay in Puntacana Resorts is a great vacation spot, not just because of all the activities provided by our fabulous host. I spoke to many others down there on vacation as well as some couples who were on their honeymoons who were all enjoying the bars & restaurants throughout the hotel that were alive with activity. While the parties were great my favorite part of the trip was just being together on the beach surrounded by family and friends, but having great events planned, an ocean front room, my own golf cart and VIP service 24 hours a day made it that much better!

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