Hostess with the Mostess: Red Rose Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

By Hostess with the Mostess, Published Sep 10, 2009

About Hostess with the Mostess And... They’re off! With the Kentucky Derby this weekend, there is one particular flower on everyone’s mind. Red roses play a huge part in the Kentucky Derby, which has been fittingly christened the “Run for the Roses” due to the gorgeous garland of more than 400 red roses and bouquet of 60 long-stemmed red roses presented to the winning horse/jockey duo. Here are a few quick, easy, & budget-friendly centerpiece ideas to get you started… Perfect inspiration for your wedding reception centerpieces, or re-create these exact arrangements for your Kentucky Derby shindig this weekend. And to save in a big way on your red rose wedding centerpieces, purchase roses in bulk at discount shops like flower supply stores or even Costco! CENTERPIECE #1: Winner’s Circle (or “square”!) You’ll need: shallow square vase roses (approx 16-20 for an 8×8 vase) floral foam wet (one brick) artificial grass or grass-like craft paper red satin ribbon felt number (optional) horseshoe brad (optional; purchased at a scrapbook store) Directions: Cut the floral foam brick in half lengthwise and use it to line the entire bottom of the vase. Trim to fit as needed, then add water until the foam is saturated. Cut a square of “grass” that is about 2-3″ smaller in diameter than the vase, and place it on top of the foam, centered. Trim rose stems to about 1.5″ long, then create a rose border all the way around the vase by inserting them into the foam. The rose buds should partially overlap the “grass” to help hide the edges. Set a toy horse on top of the grass. Adorn the horse with a red ribbon & themed embellishment - like the horseshoe brad pictured here. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can also create a rose garland for the horse (instead of the red sash) by hot glueing lots of mini craft roses onto green satin ribbon. Optional: Decorate the vase with a band of red satin ribbon and a felt number “1″ or other derby-appropriate embellishment. Resources: Toy horse, “grass” paper, & floral foam all purchased at Michaels. Roses, ribbon & vase from Wholesale Flowers in San Diego. Felt numbers from Joann. CENTERPIECE #2: Julep Roses You’ll need: silver julep cup vase (plastic or silver plated) red roses red ribbon felt number (optional) Directions: Remove all leaves from the roses and trim the stems so that the rose buds sit just above the rim of the vase, creating a tight bunch or “crown”. Decorate the vase with a band of red satin ribbon and felt number or other derby-appropriate embellishment. Tips: purchase plastic silver julep vases individually or in bulk CENTERPIECE #3: Rose Bed Cube You’ll need: square “cube” vase red roses floral foam wet (one brick) red satin ribbon felt number (optional) Directions: Trim the foam brick to fit within the vase, then add water until the foam is fully saturated. Next, trim the rose stems so that the base of the bud sits just below the rim of the vase. Insert 3-4 rows of roses, depending on the size of your rose buds and/or vase. Finally, decorate the vase with ribbon and a felt number or other derby-themed embellishment, and you’re done!

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