How to Have a Non-Themed Themed Wedding

By, Published Nov 13, 2012

Hey brideys! How’s the wedding planning coming along? I’m not sure if you saw my post on Bitchless Bride the other day, but I wrote about six definite party pleasers. And one of the “pleasers” was recessing down the aisle following the ceremony to the Star Wars theme song.

You see, the groom really wanted a Star Wars themed wedding, but the bride was going for a more traditional feel, which meant no themes. So, because she knew it was important to him, she incorporated Star Wars in some small ways. And, the Star Wars recessional music? Well, it was fun for all of us in attendance at the ceremony, but most of all, the groom knew that his bride went out of her way to please him. And… everybody left the room with a big smile on their faces.

But, the bigger lesson here is about something you’ll be doing throughout your marriage. It’s called compromise. The bride respected that the groom really wanted to encompass Star Wars into the wedding, and did it in a few ways that weren’t over the top, but special to him without making their wedding turn into a theme. Take a peek at some of the other ways she went out of her way to let him know that she cared:

  • The wedding gift she presented to him the evening before the wedding were Star Wars cufflinks. He wore them all day.
  • The groom cake topper was holding a mini light saber.
  • Following the ceremony (and the formal pictures), the newly married couple retreated to the bridal suite for a few moments. The groom came down sporting a brand new Yoda tie.
  • While they didn’t have a garter toss, the bride was wearing a Star Wars garter… for later… (I might have been the only one who knew about this…)

Brideys, you’ll have your challenges during the wedding planning, but it’s how you go about overcoming them that matters. In this instance, the groom had been super supportive of the bride during the planning. He even did his best to attend quite a few vendor meetings and planning sessions. Recognizing this, the bride made it her mission to let him know that she appreciated his support, and returned it tenfold. What a great way to start the rest of their lives, right?

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