How to Keep Your Engagement Ring Blingy and Bright

By admin, Published Jan 8, 2013

Products to Care for the Engagement Ring 3

Engagement ring cleaning products from Connoisseurs.

I'll admit it... since getting engaged a few months back, I've been obsessive about keeping my engagement ring clean as a whistle. And I'm no clean freak in my every day life. But something as special (and expensive) as an engagement ring deserves and demands the extra TLC. And... keeping your ring clean is easier than you think!

On the Go Engagement Ring Cleaning

A must-have for every bridey's purse!

My MIL-to-be turned me onto the Connoisseurs brand of jewelry cleaner, and oh how I love these products! Connoisseurs' Diamond Dazzle Stik is like Tide's To Go stain remover pen (except for your ring), so I pop it in my purse whenever I travel.

Cleaning Your Engagement Ring Jewelry Cleaner Jar

And Connoisseurs' classic jewelry cleaner is a serious must-have for every bride-to-be. It comes with a dunkable tray (so you don't mess up your fresh just-engaged mani), and a tiny brush that gives you access to all the nooks and crannies. My engagement ring features two baguettes on each side of the center diamond, so the little brush lets me really get in there and sparkle everything up!

Cleaning Your Engagement ring 2

But what if you leave the house without your Diamond Dazzle Stik or a quick cleaning? If you have a soft cloth in your sunglass or eyeglass case, bust it out and use that! Prime your ring by blowing hot air on it first (like you would to clean your sunglasses), then swiftly polish your diamond and setting with the soft cloth.

Do you have a favorite product for keeping your ring sparkly as can be? Tell us about it in the comments section below! And, are you a newly engaged bride obsessed with cleaning your ring? Welcome to the club!!

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