I Do or I Don’t to a Button Bridal Bouquet?

By admin, Published Mar 4, 2013

Brooch bouquets have been trending for some time now. And we still can't get enough of these vintage chic alternative arrangements!

But antique brooches aren't the only things that can come together beautifully to create a memorable wedding bouquet... just take a peek at these lovely button bridal stunners to see what I mean!

Just like brooch bouquets, button bouquets last forever, giving the bride a beautiful keepsake she can treasure years down the road. And since this alternative bouquet style is fairly new to the scene, choose one of these whimsical button babies and you'll be sure to impress your wedding guests!


So what do you think, brideys? Would you say I Do to a wedding bouquet of buttons? Sound off below!

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