Icy, Romantic Honeymoon Destination: Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada

By admin, Published Feb 5, 2010

Special to OneWed by Marie O'Mara of Honeymoons.com When you imagine a couple of Eskimos heading out for their honeymoon, where do they go, back to their igloo? And how does an Eskimo really kiss anyway? Well after you spend a night at the amazing Hôtel de Glace, you and your loved one will find out! Once you check into this amazing hotel made of ice, yes ice, you will embark on a once in a lifetime experience and an outrageous CHILLY adventure. The Hôtel de Glace is located in the quaint and beautiful town of Québec, Canada. Quebec is known for its beauty and offers travelers historic and timeless buildings, wonderful shopping and they host an annual ice festival that attracts thousands. The Hôtel de Glace has been called an igloo from guests who have not experienced it. But for those who have seen it and stayed in it, they know that this 32,000 square foot structure of solid ice and snow is no igloo! It's an amazing ice hotel! I, myself, was even having trouble imagining this structure but after looking at the amazing photos and their website, I couldn’t help but think how romantic this structure would be to stay in. I was in awe as I realized that the Hôtel de Glace was made of NOTHING but frozen water and to be exact, 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice. The ceilings are over 19 feet high, the walls are covered with original artwork, the furniture is carved out of ice blocks and the rooms and wedding chapel all designed and hand carved. I found it hard to believe, but there is no need because this structure does exist, for a few months anyway! The Hôtel de Glace is open from January till March and has over 65,000 visitors each season and sells over 4000 rooms in the short time it is open. Clearly this is one of the most unique and complex undertakings that any hotel has ever tried to achieve, as it takes approximately five weeks to erect this masterpiece of architecture and covers more than 32,000 square feet of ground. It is the only ice hotel in America that is entirely made out of snow and ice and it can accommodate 88 people per night. The designers strive to keep to the originality of this masterpiece each year by continually changing the design and décor to keep guests coming year after year! The Hôtel de Glace artisans amaze everyone by modifying and creating new elements every year and always offer pure amazement of their finished product. Annually, there is no exception to its size, there is always 36 wonderful rooms and theme suites, in addition to the Ice Café, the magnificent chapel where couples can take the icy plunge, an immense lobby with a candelabra lit by fiber optics, an interior courtyard that can hold 400+ people, hot tubs and a sauna, functional fireplaces, and the majestic reception room named the Ice Bar where animated evenings come to life that will enthrall everyone for hours with entertainment. Those who choose to stay overnight can enjoy the hotel package that includes an ice cocktail (served in a glass made of ice of course), a tour of the Hotel, your equipment for the night, access to the hot tubs and sauna, and your hot morning beverage and breakfast. This unique lodging experience offers guest a full array of winter activities including cross-country skiing, ice-skating, snowshoeing, dogsledding, ice fishing, and snowmobiling. Guests who want to give it a go at this icy oasis, are told in great detail how to prepare themselves for this once in a lifetime stay. Considering that winter in Quebec is very cold (with the outside temperatures varying between -13 o F in February to 41 o F in March), appropriate clothing is necessary. You must layer yourself with three layers of synthetic or a mixture of wool and synthetic materials so your skin can breath, and be sure to have hats, gloves, and boots. If you are not so sure about sleeping on Ice, no need to fret, a comfortable bed is awaiting you. The Hotel and its furniture are made entirely of snow and ice, and the beds are too. However, blocks of ice form the bed base, followed by a solid wood box-frame that provides the initial separation from the ice, and a thick foam mattress covered by a fleece sheet completes the bed. When the evening arrives, a warm and soft sleeping bag will be delivered to your room with a pillow. So if you are looking for a different twist to your honeymoon, suit up and head to Quebec for an Icy Romantic Experience.

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