In search of a monkey ring-bearer

By News, Published May 5, 2009

Anyone who has ever gotten married knows that wedding planning involves a certain amount of compromise.

But one bride from Roanoke, Virginia seems to be displaying more than the average amount of patience after her fiancé requested something a bit different for their nuptials: a monkey as a ring-bearer.

According to a report in the Roanoke Times, Mik Collins and Brandy Reynolds agreed that a small primate could be involved in their ceremony, as long as the groom gave up his dreams of keeping one as a pet.

Collins then placed an ad in the local newspaper specifying the need for a diaper-clad monkey that "must not eat guests."

"I never thought in a million years that he'd find one. That's why I agreed," Reynolds admitted to the Times.

Although no takers have stepped forward yet, even the bride's family has apparently come around and is excited about the prospect of a novel addition to the ceremony.

No word yet, however, on whether the monkey will be incorporated into the wedding photography.

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