Inspired By Vintage Brides

By Chandra Fredrick, Published Mar 30, 2012

When deciding on your white aisle look for your vintage wedding, be inspired by real vintage brides - you know, the ones who got married long before you but whose style was timeless. On my blog I have a "Vintage Bride" feature because I find them so inspiring. Here are some of my favorite vintage brides to inspire your bridal look.

Old Hollywood Style  There are lots of Old Hollywood brides to be inspired by, but I especially love the simplicity and personal style reflected in the bridal looks of both Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn. Their wedding dresses would still look fab today for a simpler wedding or an elopement.

Elegant Royal Style  Lace, ball gowns, intricately detailed veils: these are just a few things we're still inspired by from vintage royal weddings. And I know, Jacqueline Kennedy wasn't technically royalty, but she is the closest thing we've got in the US and her style is royal in my book!

What most inspires your vintage bridal look? Do you have a favorite vintage bride? Let's get a list going in the comments!

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