Is Orlando Bloom wedding planning?

By News, Published May 21, 2009

Sorry ladies, but Orlando Bloom may finally be off the market.

Engagement rumors have been swirling since the star's girlfriend, Australian model Miranda Kerr, was photographed wearing a ring on her left hand.

The pair spent 24 hours at the Cannes Film Festival, during which paparazzi snapped a number of shots of the ring, which was suspiciously absent when Kerr stepped out to attend a party later that night.

This isn't the first time the media has suggested that Bloom and Kerr might be heading toward the altar. However, this time around, the stars don't seem to be denying the wedding planning rumors.

"I am aware of the images," Kerr's rep, Carlii Lyon, told People magazine. "However, I am not in a position to comment."

The 26-year-old, who has been dating Bloom since 2007, told Page Six Magazine back in November about her domestic dreams for the future, which include living in a solar-powered house with a hammock and vegetable patch.

So, could a marriage proposal from everyone's favorite elf be the first step? We'll have to wait and see.

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